study in Canada scholarship for international students

Is a Catholic Liberal Arts Women’s College located in London, Ontario, Canada. The College was founded in 1919. The acceptance rate of the college is 39% .The College ranked 29 in the regional colleges south. The programs offered by the college include:

  • Bachelor of Arts (English, French, Psychology, Sociology, Family Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Community Development, Political Science, Human Ecology and Dimensions of Leadership)
  • Bachelor of Management & Organizational Studies
  • Bachelor of Science (Foods & Nutrition and Human Ecology)
  • Master of Foods and Nutritional Sciences
  • Certificate in Community Development
  • Certificate in Religious Education

Scholarships, awards and bursaries are offered by the college.

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Our Study Abroad Canada Consultants assist international & Indian students in selecting the right fit university for each student’s individual needs. The important factor for Canada is to get your Canadian university applications and student study visa file.

If you are aiming for top Universities in Canada like University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia & Queens University. Intelligent Partners overseas education consultants assist students:

·       Canadian University applications & completing the applications

·       Guidance on the essays (essays are very important as its one of the major deciding factor for top university applications)

·       Assisting by blocking their university accommodation in time

·       Preparing Canada Study Visa file

It’s challenging to get a Canadian Study Permit but at Intelligent Partners Consultancy in Dubai we have 99 % study visa success rate.  Education in Canada is known for Quality and Affordable Education, Diversify and Immigration Possibilities.

Intelligent Partners overseas education consultants first and foremost take look at the students profile before shortlisting to Canadian Universities/ colleges/higher education institutions. We guide students for their Undergraduate, Bachelors, Masters, MBA, PhD,

We assist students for all Universities and all programs in Canada like:

·       MBA

·       Computer Science & IT

·       Business & Finance

·       Engineering/ Core Engineering, Civil Engineering & Engineering Management

·       Pre Med/ Bio-sciences, Medicine, Healthcare

·       Arts, Architecture, Design

·       Mathematics & Analysis

·       Pharmacology

·       Nursing

·       Media & Journalism

·       Physical & Earth Sciences & Renewable Energy

·       Psychology & Human Resources

·       Hospitality and more

Intelligent Partners study abroad Canada consultants have sent students for all credentials like: Undergraduate (Bachelors), Advance Diploma, Diploma programs, Graduate certificate, PG diploma, Masters & PhD. A large number of our international students are studying in Co-op (Internship) programs.