BPP University College of Professional Studies is one of the UK’s leading private University Colleges dedicated to business and the professions and in 2010 became the winner of the prestigious Education Investor award “Post 16 education provider of the year”. BPP University College has centres throughout the UK and also in Amsterdam, Holland.

BPP University College has its origins in BPP Law School, which was established in 1992 and soon became one of the leading postgraduate Law Schools in the UK. In 2005 BPP Law School established what is now known as BPP University College of Professional Studies combining BPP’s unique history since 1976 of training accountancy and finance specialists throughout Europe with the establishment of BPP Business School under the central regulatory umbrella of BPP University College.

In the 2011-2012 academic year 7,752 students studied with BPP University College (5,808 full-time students and 1,944 part-time students.

During the academic year 2011-2012 BPP University College had 963 permanently employed staff operating its study programmes from eight UK locations (Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Swindon).

BPP University College of Professional Studies Limited is a specialist provider of professional and business education whose mission is to challenge the education status quo to improve the lives of our students and whose aims are:
“To promote excellence in professional education by being forward-thinking, progressive and innovative, to bridge the gap between education and professional practice, to inspire and challenge tomorrow’s business and professional people in a supportive learning environment.”


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BPP Business School

BPP Business School builds on the wider BPP Professional Education group heritage of providing education for the business professions. The BPP group educates some 80% of all FTSE 100 companies. Approximately two-thirds of all accountants at some point in their careers either attend a BPP course or use BPP’s published text books. BPP Business School provides higher education for aspiring accountants, actuaries, bankers, managers as well as specialists in areas such as human resources, marketing, tax, insurance and risk. BPP Business School is based in the City of London next door to the famous Gherkin building and also has centres in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, Swindon and Amsterdam.

BPP Law School

BPP Law School’s reputation for excellence, built on our proven ability to offer students the skills they need to succeed in law, is why many students choose to study with us.

It’s not by chance that over 25 of the leading law firms in the UK send their trainees only to BPP Law School for their legal education. BPP Law School is based in two centres in London, in the heart of legal London in Holborn and on the Southbank at Waterloo. BPP Law School also has centres in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester and Swindon.

BPP School of Health

BPP School of Health provides you with the knowledge and practical skills you need for a professional healthcare career. BPP School of Health provides higher education in psychology, nursing, chiropractic and health and social care.

Based in London, Abingdon and Manchester, our centres offer the comprehensive support and resources that you will need to be successful in your studies.

BPP School of Foundation and English Language Studies

BPP School of Foundation and English Language Studies was formed in 2012 in response to the Milburn report calling for greater diversity within the UK professions. To read this report please see Unleashing Aspiration: The Final Report of the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions (Publication year: 2009) and Fair Access to Professional Careers A progress report by the Independent Reviewer on Social Mobility and Child Poverty (Publication year: 2012).

BPP University College offers many programmes that are a gateway to students entering and practising a profession which may traditionally have been under represented by certain sections of society. One of the aims of the School of Foundation and English Language Studies is to foster our diverse students’ educational development, along with the necessary skills to pursue a business, law or healthcare degree with BPP University College, in an atmosphere of support and understanding.

BPP School of Foundation and English Language Studies is based in London.

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