Become a celebrity personal assistant

I’m an engineering graduate. But i wanted to become a celebrity personal assistant. What are the courses to be studied also i want to go to UK to fulfill my dreams. Is this same as lifestyle manager? Please help me out.
Being in close proximity to celebrities along with the razzmatazz and glamour is naturally appealing to most youngsters. While at the surface it seems very exciting the job is extremely demanding and warrants an unusual working style. Scheduling your boss’s day, organizing business meetings, facilitating events/appearances, picking clothes and accessories for photo shoots, arranging travel and accommodation, managing publicity and social media, liaising with numerous individuals (keeping that smile intact) from all the above backgrounds is a typical day of a celebrity assistant. This requires a huge amount of self-motivation, flexibility and interpersonal skills.
While there may be no formal qualifications you could take a course in communication, events management, public relations or hospitality. Attributes required for a successful celebrity assistant would include organization skills, the ability to service customers and capability to work and deliver under tight deadlines and pressure.
You should be computer savvy along with detailed knowledge of email correspondence, web browsing, and social media skills. In addition, you should be abreast of the latest design and fashion trends. The key word in this industry, however, is networking. So, network like a professional, be seen at the right places, and join clubs, networking events which open up the avenues for this career. Most jobs come thru by knowing someone on the inside so networking will not only help you get a job but will also help in getting work done.
Follow your passion in deciding which industry to join. Should be interested in music try and find a celebrity in the music industry; if you like to read look for an author or someone in the publishing industry; if sports gets you all excited look to work with a professional sportsman. Most celebrities will not consider employing you unless you are a local and live in proximity to Hollywood, New York, London and Mumbai would be good bets should you want join the entertainment industry and for tech titans look at Silicon Valley. At the very least you need to be based in major cities and art hubs. 
Lifestyle manager is someone who does much more than an assistant. He is the one with a discerning taste in all things fine. Lifestyle management would mean being well versed with jets, yachts, exclusive luxury holiday destinations and discreet shopping destinations. Since a lifestyle manager manages one’s lifestyle, performing personal duties for the employer is often part of the job function. You would need to be not only multi-talented but be capable of multitasking as your employer will depend on you for a host of tasks. 

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