Applications Time Lines UCAS UK Universities

15 October 2016

Applications for Oxford and Cambridge University for most courses in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science should arrive at UCAS by 21:00 (UAE time).

15 January 2017

Applications for the majority of undergraduate courses should arrive at UCAS by 21:00 (UAE time) on this day.

25 February 2017

Extra starts for eligible applicants.

24 March 2017

Art and design courses deadline; applications should arrive at UCAS by 21:00 (UAE time).

30 June 2017

Late application deadline for International students. Applications received after this date will automatically be entered into Clearing.

4 July 2017

The last date for applicants to add an Extra choice.

31 August 2017

The deadline for any remaining conditions to be met. This day also marks the end of Adjustment.

21 September 2017

The final deadline for applications to 2017 courses.

20 October 2017

The deadline for adding Clearing choices and universities or colleges accepting Clearing applicants.

– Only after you have your final acceptance and CAS you can apply for your Student Tier 4 VISA.

– Your counsellor at Intelligent Partners will assist you in the same.

Time for UK application: Meet your counsellor at IP one year in advance!

1.  Research University & Subjects: Jan – March

  • -Research the courses available at University.
  • -Detailed research on University you wish to apply to.
  • -Speak to IP counsellors and meet University representatives at IP office.

2.  Entrance Tests: April –July

  • -IELTS Academic /IELTS Academic UKVI
  • -All other standardised tests

3.  Gather your Documents for applications: Aug-Sept

  • -Predicted grades from School
  • -IELTS Academic Certificate
  • -Transcripts
  • -Certifications (Academic & Extra Curricular)
  • -Entrance test transcripts and scores.
  • -Valid Passport
  • -Personal Statement
  • -Shortlist the final 5 Universities

4.  Meet your deadline: Apply in time!

  • -15th Oct. – Cambridge/Oxford application deadline
  • -15th Oct. – Medicine/Dentistry/Vet Med
  • -15th Jan. – UCAS deadline
  • -Feb-March, Schedule Mock Interview with IP counsellor for college interviews.
  • -24th March, Arts and Design Courses application deadline

5.  Respond to your offers:

  • -Feb, Extra opens, in case you have no offers yet
  • -March/April select, 1 Firm choice &1 Insurance over UCAS
  • -June-Aug, Meet your conditional offer and respond to your firm option
  • -Aug, Clearing – for those who have fallen below your offers/no offer at all.
  • -Confirm your accommodation &request for CAS
  • -Schedule Mock interview with IP counsellor for visa
  • -Apply for Tier 4 student Visa, fix your travel itinerary and inform your University for an airport pick up!

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