All About Psychometric Testing

What are Psychometric Tests?

Traits such as personality, intelligence, attitude, and beliefs are important characteristics to measure and assess. Psychometric tests include personality profiles, reasoning tests, motivation questionnaires and ability assessments.

Three criteria: There are 3 key points of psychometric tests. The test must meet:

Standardization: By using a standardized test, you can compare the results with anyone whose characteristics are similar to those of the sample group.

Reliability: The test must generate consistent results. It should not be influenced by outside factors.

Validity: A valid test has to measure what it’s intended to measure. If a test is supposed to measure a person’s interests, then it must clearly demonstrate that it does actually measure interests, and not something else that’s just related to interests.

Types of Psychometric Tests:

Aptitude Test: This test gives the information about the performance in particular tasks, jobs or fields of study. They help students to decide which course to take.

Personality Test: This test targets on the behavior of an individual. Commonly DISC profile test is used to describe the balance of four basic behaviors.

Career Test: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Keirsey Temperament Sorter are the best examples of comprehensive career personality tests. This test guides a candidate for choosing a suitable carrier.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): EQ measures the candidate’s ability to identify, understand and control their emotions as well as how aware they are of the emotions of those around them.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ): IQ assesses intelligence using a series of tests that challenge the candidate to solve mathematical, logical and linguistic problems.

Rorschach Inkblot Test: Candidates are asked to describe inkblots and the responses are analyzed with psychological interpretation.

Advantages of Psychometric Tests:

These test help to make personnel and career-related assessments more objective.

Save Time.

Easy to administer.

Can be given to a group of people easily.

Easily scored, so results come back quickly and reliably.

More about Psychometric Tests:

These test can be completed on papers as well as by using software programs. Some tests can even be completed online as well. Online psychometric test also save time and money. These days if you are planning to hire a number of people for your company you can take online psychometric tests, candidates can take the test from anywhere and the results are accurately scored each time. This can save your and their time and money.

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