Admission Deadlines are OUT?

                  admission counselor,

I understand your pressure and at the same time, the curiosities that are running through your brain nerves, as I was in your place only a year ago.

Well mate! You have a good and a bad news.

Great one being, I have experienced an exactly similar situation, so I know the possible ways out.

Awful news being, the minute you wrap up with the last line of this article, you need to get all set to run your horses. You need to start from somewhere. And your conscience realizes that you are simply sitting tight for the red flag to be waved, and race towards your dreams. Be that as it may, where is the beginning line of this race?

This is where Intelligent Partners will jump into the picture and save the situation.

I knew that I wanted to do masters since I was in my third year. But didn’t know HOW and WHEN am I going to do it? Applications don’t simply mean presenting your latest GPA and a pack of school certificates. You need to have a portfolio. Yes, a portfolio. Like an aspirant model has.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to get your photos clicked in clumsy stances.

Your portfolio will comprise of your admission docs and most importantly; your Admission test reports, i.e., GRE and IELTS/TOEFL. Unless you received your education in any English speaking country, these tests are mandatory for you! Sorry to say, but no way out buddy!

Now the actual battle begins. I started with my admission portfolio in mid-September. I was advised by I.P (Intelligent partners) to do away with my IELTS exam as quickly as possible. Being brought up in an English speaking environment, this wasn’t tough for me. One month preparation ought to simply be fine. My keen choice to do masters in UK and not US was just based on my unwise speculations that I simply could not attempt the nightmare exam, GRE. Passing with good marks was at a different level altogether. I was very adamant with my decision. But IP encouraged me. They did not give up and motivated me consistently to at least give a try. I had precisely 28 days to plan for the exam whereupon I was selected in a full time academic internship as well.

What I learnt in those 28 days of arduous preparation is that nobody can set your CUTOFF. ONLY YOU CAN!

While I battled through those 28 sleepless nights, only one thought kept me going and that was, envisioning the day when I will receive the offer letter from my dream university. While I hold the key to my future, the past 28 days wouldn’t even make a difference to the life that I may have ahead.

Finally friends, all the hard work I did, showed its true colors and I got the score which I aimed for!

In only 28 days!

Following the road that was mapped by Intelligent Partners, I applied in my 2 dream universities, i.e. Kings College London and University of Warwick. I got both my offers in less than 2 months. Everything just worked out impeccably. Every single riddle piece fitted in flawlessly, glorifying the immense number of possible opportunities that I shall ace from now on. There is no shortcut to success friends!

What I realized in these 6 months is that, there is always a recipe to your final destination, and that you can change the methods of your recipe but not their KEY INGREDIENTS.

A pinch of accurate counseling + consistent motivational support from your parents + lots of hard work = Your DREAM!

Rest? Well, leave it to GOD.

Just know one thing amigos. There is no right time to take right decisions! Just take a decision at any time and then work hard to make it right.

IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU! All the Best!

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