6 Things to Know About Abu Dhabi Education Council Teaching Jobs

Abu Dhabi Education Council (A.D.E.C) is a government organisation responsible for all educational initiatives from early childhood to higher education for Public Institutions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADEC runs all operations of Public schools from hiring teachers, setting up and running the schools and working closely with various Global Partners to achieve the objective of developing the next generation of Emiratis matching highest global standards.

ADEC works with approved teacher recruitment agencies and Intelligent Partners is proud to be an approved teacher agency. Intelligent Partners is locally based in the UAE and our recruiters understand local culture and can give you the right insight.


    • Exposure of working with the Arab Culture and to be part of an esteemed national education reform

    • Globally competitive compensation package for teachers

    • High-quality training and professional development programs

    • Unique platform to those who are passionate about modernising education system

  • Being present in a globally central geographical location which avails opportunities to travel to other parts of the world easily

ADEC has over 300 schools and you will be positioned in either Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain or Al Gharbia (the Western Region). ADEC will assign teachers to the schools after the Orientation. Teachers will not their location beforehand.

Schools consist of local Emirati children with Emirati teachers, Arab expatriate teachers and other Western teachers. Class sizes are 20 -30 students.

ADEC teachers will be teaching students whose first language is not English. Teachers should read and research into Middle East culture and be sensitive to the local culture.

ADEC school days are shorter than other International Schools. ADEC schools do need to require extra-curricular activities and school meetings and personal development are normally 2 days per week. The week is from Sunday to Thursday approximately 35 – 40 hours per week. Summer break is from July to late August with a break in December and April. In addition, there are other National holidays.

1. Salary

Depending on how many years of experience you have got or what kinds of teaching certificates, your salary will an extremely competitive tax-free salary. It will probably be between 12,300 and 20,400 AED (approx. US$3,349 – $5,554), and don’t forget in UAE there are no Taxes, it’s a Tax-free country. That means your salary mentioned on your contract is your take home pay with no deductions!

2. Flight Tickets

On signing the contract you will be given flight tickets to fly to Abu Dhabi to start your contract. In addition, you will be given a return flight home after each year of your contract or a one way if you’ve finished the contract. ADEC pays a yearly airfare your spouse and 3 children.

3. Accommodation

Accommodation is covered by ADEC for the Teacher, Spouse and up to 3 children. Teachers with a child will most likely be offered an apartment or townhouse. Singles may be required to share accommodation with one or two other teachers, either way, your accommodation is covered.

4. Health insurance

Health insurance will be covered for you, your spouse including up to 3 children, so no need to worry about that.

5. Furniture allowance

If your apartment is unfurnished you will be given an allowance generally up to 20,000AED (approx. US$5,445).

6. End of service bonus

After 12 months of working in your school, you are allowed, to a financial bonus of one month’s salary depending on the contract.

Intelligent Partners and Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) are partnered with a common objective of recruiting world-class talent to further improve the quality of education in Abu Dhabi. To fill these vacancies we seek qualified, skilled and talented teachers who are willing to be an integral part of this educational reform.

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