5 Ways to Survive Your First Week Teaching in Muscat

The first week is always the most difficult and especially in a new city. Jet lag, new school, new accommodation, culture shock all together can seem difficult in the first week.

Within a short time, you will be more confident and comfortable in your new environment.

    1. Meet your Co-workers

      It’s always good to make new friends and meet new people, share your interests with them and find out more about Oman. Soon you will feel much more confident and comfortable in your surrounding and make new friends to explore beautiful Muscat.

    1. Get to know your students

      Talk to your students; ask them about their pets, favourite sports, music etc. Talk to them about your interests as well so they connect with you. Try and remember their names. Ask the students to tell you what is good and bad behaviour and what you think is acceptable, so they know how to work and behave in class.

    1. Explore Muscat

      When you get the time go out and explore Muscat, you would have read about it on the internet or books, but what is better than witnessing it with your own eyes?

      Muscat is a beautiful city, communicate and socialise with people and get comfortable because this is where you will be staying for quite a while. At the same time, you will also get to know their culture and country.

      Check out the local grocery shops, local restaurants, movie halls so you are more comfortable in your surroundings. Look around for clubs and activities that are interesting to you. By joining a club you will also make new friends faster

    1. Prepare your lessons

      Organise your lessons to keep the students challenged and excited. You will need to help students understand how you want them to work with you if you want them working in groups or copying from the board. Discuss time limits and what you expect them to achieve and how to reach the goal.

  1. Take care of yourself

    If you are stressed or exhausted after hard work, take a break. Just don’t forget to look after yourself while doing all these other things. Eat right, exercise, take your vitamins and get enough sleep. As soon as you reach, get into the routine of what time you will need to get up every day. Though the time differences and jet lag won’t help initially but you will feel much better soon.

    Call home and speak to the family even though you have just arrived but it will help your family and friends know you are fine.

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