5 Tips for Teachers to Use Linkedin Effectively

Every recruiter will tell you that the best way to find a job is through networking. One of the most effective way today is to use social media. LinkedIn, without question is one of the best social media networking sites for students and professionals including teachers and yet many teachers don’t know how to use it properly especially when hunting for an international teaching job.

Pic Courtesy: Crowdcrux.com

The social network primarily enables users to connect and pass content with other professionals, including colleagues, potential employers and teacher recruiters.

Here are a few tips on using LinkedIn:

1. Change your private profile to a public profile URL

A public profile URL is much more visible and easier to share for employers looking for employees.

2. Show work samples

LinkedIn allows you to add a variety of media such as documents, links, images, videos and presentations to the various sections of your LinkedIn profile which enable you to provide samples of your work and enhance your LinkedIn summary.

3. Customise various sections on your profile

LinkedIn also allows you to reorder all the sections of your profile in any way you want it to be. When editing, simply drift your mouse over the double-sided arrow in each section and then drag and drop to another position on your profile.

4. Using the resume builder tool

LinkedIn has an inbuilt Resume Builder Tool where your profile turns into resume sections. Just pick a resume template, edit it, and export it as a PDF that you can share, email or print.

5. Get your skills endorsed!

LinkedIn has a feature titled Endorsements, which allows you to endorse their connections for skills you have enumerated in the Skills section of their profile or recommend ones they haven’t listed. These endorsements are then viewed on your profile within that same section. Here you can’t guarantee your connections will endorse you for all skills, but because it’s so easy for your LinkedIn contacts to do, you’ll find that many of them will do it anyway.

Make sure your profile is complete and you’ve actually spent the time to list skills you want to be endorsed for definitely will give your profile a credibility boost. At the same time, you can also remove endorsements if unnecessary or silly.

Do keep in mind recruiters and employers are searching for red flags such as posts with profanity, poor lifestyle choices and spelling and grammar mistakes.

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