5 Things Teachers Shouldn’t Include in their Resume / CV

Normally we follow a set of general “guidelines” on how to write a CV /resume, most teachers are still unaware of and might overlook points that could vastly improve their resume. While there is a format on how to write down your resume, taking care of simple common mistakes can improve your chances of being hired.

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Below, are the common blunders on CV/resumes which should not be done:

1. Don’t over stress the “one-page rule” but NOT over two pages!

A resume is known to be good if just one page but if you have extensive experience, a two-page resume is worth doing. More than two pages are not usual as employers would not read a long CV /resume. If you’re CV /resume is more than one page but less than two, it’s better to condense it to just one page.

2. Too much emphasis on typographic

Using fonts like underline, bold, italics is acceptable on a resume as it catches the employer’s attention. Nevertheless, too much can lead to the opposite impact. Overuse of these fonts will result in the employer being confused as to what to read and this would also jar the reader’s eye. Using the “10% rule” means use only 10% of these fonts on the whole document. Also keep an eye on using caps as sometimes caps may sound like you are trying to be exacting to the reader: know where to use it and how.

3. Don’t include obvious skills

In this era, everyone uses the internet and everyone uses Microsoft office. Mention skills which apply specifically to you that stands out and what the school is looking for.

4. Don’t put in unnecessary information not related to the teaching position

The purpose of your resume is to let potential employers know your work experience, qualifications you have to offer and results generated throughout your career.

5. Don’t give off too much contact information

It is definitely important to provide your contact details on your resume but providing too much contact information is going to be least severe and might confuse the employer as to where to contact you. Make sure your contact information is very straight forward.

For example, don’t put multiple email addresses, or different cell phone numbers which confuse the HR manager. Making it easy will simply fasten your hiring process to the next level. Hire us for CV / Resume editing services and our experts will help you achieve your dream job abroad.

Though they are simple common mistakes, making sure you have not overlooked these, will lead to a more powerful resume. These little tips will definitely improve your chances of getting your dream teaching job abroad in the UAE!

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