5 Teaching Certifications You Must Have

A teaching license (or certificate, depending on the country you are from) is accredited by a local governing body for teachers. A teaching license or certification is an absolute must and needed by International schools, Ministries of Education and Private Institutions when they are considering a teacher. Private language schools and teaching ESL usually do not necessitate a teaching license.

2. What is the level of education required to become a certified teacher?

Teachers are required to have an undergraduate degree and or a Master’s degree which involves two different academic routes: concurrent or consecutive. When completed either one of these teachers training programs gives the teacher: accreditation by the licensing body equivalent to the requirements of their local area.

3. Parallel Teacher Education Programs

Parallel/ Concurrent programs are for five years in duration and on graduating students will receive a Bachelor’s degree in their chosen major, along with a Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed.) focused on a specific teaching area ( e.g. Mathematics). On completing, teachers receive accreditation from the licensing body appropriate to their country.

4. Sequential Teacher Education Programs

Sequential / Consecutive Programs suit individuals with an interest in teaching who have previously got an undergraduate, Master’s, or PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). Consecutive students need to pursue a teaching course that bridges the conceptual gap between their acquired knowledge of a specific discipline of proficiency and the expertise crucial to be able to transfer that information effectively in a teaching environment.

5. Is a TEFL certificate the same as a teaching license?

TEFL certificate covers the vital theories and practical application that are applicable to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). TEFL certificate, when allotted from a respectable organisation, is a professional certification, but it is not a teaching license. TEFL certification is usually required for ESL jobs. It also specialises the skills of licensed teachers hoping to teach overseas. TEFL is not a replacement for a government-issued teaching license.


Below is the Infographic explaining the Certifications must for Teachers –

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