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What’s the basic package?

  • Teachers for Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and teachers for various private International Schools in UAE.
  • Only native English speaking teachers with a teaching license are applicable to apply for ADEC teaching positions.
  • While on the other hand native English speaking teachers with a minimum of two years teaching experience with a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject can apply for Private International School jobs.
  • As the UAE is a tax-free country, teachers in ADEC and Private International Schools will receive a tax free salary.


ADEC teacher’s basic salary package International School teachers
·         Basic salary of USD 3,500 – 5,500

·         USD 5,440 furniture allowance on arrival

·         Free accommodation (excludes Water & Electricity) for the candidate, his/her spouse and 3 children below 18 years only

·         Yearly flight tickets for the candidate, his/her spouse and 3 children below 18 years only

·         Medical cover for the candidate, his/her spouse and 3 children below 18 years only


ADEC does not reimburse for tuition fee of candidate’s children nor help in the admission process for those children.


·         Basic salary of USD 2,700 – 3,800

·         Accommodation for candidate only

·         Flight tickets for candidate only

·         Medical insurance for the candidate only


This may vary upon the school you are applying for as some schools provide the above benefits other than the salary for candidate’s spouse and kids.



ADEC and Private International Schools provide accommodation in the safest localities. Having said that all parts of the UAE are extremely safe!

What are the qualifications needed to teach abroad?

The educational requirements to work as a teacher in UAE would be:

What are the mandatory documents required to work abroad?

The mandatory documents required:

Which locations can we be placed in?

Depending on teacher’s qualifications and availability of jobs, teachers can be placed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and other Gulf regions.

Are we allowed to bring our family and pets?

With regard to family, candidates are allowed to bring their parents, spouse and kids. But depending on the terms offered by the school, benefits may or may not be applicable to them.

ADEC provides all benefits for the candidate, their spouse and kids but not for parents. Other Private International Schools may or may not provide the same. If they are accompanying you, you are liable to provide for their visas, stay and other necessary needs.

With regard to pets, they need to be shipped to UAE which can be quite expensive. A lot of documentation is required other than a passport and visa for the pet.



*Teachers with minimum 2 years of experience may only apply

Further Information for Teachers from these countries

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