What are Summer Programs ?

  • A summer programe is a method of education provided by International Universities during summer vacation.
  • Students attended full time intensive classes related to chosen subjects and for students would also like to explore new field of interest.
  • Summer Programs are organized in such a way that students will make the most of their summer vacation and make sure they are unforgettable for them

Why should you do a Summer Program ?

  • To earn college credit
  • A great platform to learn new skills
  • know what is college life is all about
  • Meet other students with similar interest
  • Explore other areas of opportunities

Intelligent Partners the oldest and the most renowned institution in UAE has been conducting summer programs all over the world over 20 + years.

Why should you do a Summer Program ?

  • A full fledged 2 weeks to 6 weeks summer program organized for the prospective students.
  • Well organized program accompanied with an expert
  • The summer programs will be conducted in 6 native English speaking countries namingly USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland
  • Assured experience with home stay families
  • Experience new culture and explore more on cultural diversity
  • Great opportunity to study with international students
  • Only 30% of our students are Arabic native speakers

“I Like everything in this school and I want to come here again. I love my teacher and my study time and student services and reception”

Reyah Karl – Student 

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