Located in Big Spring, Texas at McMahon wrinkle airport- used as early as 1942 for aviation training. The airport provides an ideal environment for aviation training as it has excellent facilities, great weather conditions and uncongested airspace. In fact, the airport has recorded the most favourable flying days per year of all US bases around the world.

The US Flight Academy provides specialized, high quality of aviation training for both private and professional pilots. The Academy offers online based Aviation college degree program (2 or 4 years depending on whether it is Associate or Bachelor’s degree) which provides on online flight training or ‘lab’ that gives students plenty of practice in flight training that is safe, fun and rewarding.


In partnership with Howard College, the Academy also provides students an opportunity to earn an Associate of Science degree along with the flight training. This work can be directly accredited towards the UVU Bachelor of Science Professional Pilot Degree. This is usually preferred by students who would like a traditional classroom setup for the first two years of their college education.

Based on the one-on-one training concept, lessons are customized to suit individual needs and learning styles. The training programs are well-structured and organised making them efficient in turning out successful and safe aviators.

Enrolment: The Academy U S Flight Academy has an open door policy and therefore there are no aptitude tests involved. Any student who is passionate and is reasonably capable of operating an aircraft can apply. There are plenty of aviation scholarships available which can help you pay for your studies. .

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