Graduate Business Degrees: MBA VS Masters

Graduate Business Degrees: MBA VS Masters

Breadth vs Depth is the real question when we talk about the difference between an MS and an MBA Degree. On one hand where one talks about the specialization the latter focuses on the big picture.

MBA (Generalist)   MS (Specialist)
Some institutions granting an MBA degree require the candidates to give GMAT for entrance while others prefer Requirements Institutions granting MS programs typically look for GRE score, while some on the other hand also look for prior work
the GMAT score along with prior work experience.   experience that directly falls with their choice of degree program.
Multi-disciplined degree that covers areas from marketing, finance, to IT and Entrepreneurship. Focus Area Degrees in MS focuses on highly specialized disciplines preparing students for professional certifications.
An MBA degree gives a chance to develop problem solving, managerial and interpersonal skills .It builds an overall focus towards the organization. Experience MS degree structures on the academic background of the student.
MBA programs are focused on teaching using case studies, real world examples, experiences of visiting faculties which they are expected to face in the real world. Teaching Style Masters programs, on the other hand, develop their teaching methodologies around classroom based activities such as lectures and presentations.
An MBA explores various business disciplines potentially giving the flexibility to easily change careers later. Flexibility Masters are for students who are 100% sure about their career goals and want only specialized knowledge in a specific discipline.
MBA in HRM requires a candidate to have an experience of at least 2-3 years in the HR field and is for individuals who can perform spot analysis, know challenges, and strengths of the field. Example MS in HRM is a more technical degree that is more about end to end functioning of the HR managers like taking care of detailed payroll.

Lastly, when finalizing on a degree, it comes down to picking the right skill set. Ultimately it’s a journey and the students should look into which degree will best meet their long term career goals.