Intelligent Partners Doha, Qatar

Intelligent Partners are well renowned Educational consultants in Qatar, our office was opened in 2007 and since then we have been sending students of all nationalities to universities/ colleges/ institutions and English Language schools all around the world.

Our counseling team have been trained by universities themselves and are constantly updated on the latest programs and new visa regulations.

Intelligent Partners Qatar, are recognized by schools and are regularly invited to talk to students about career choices and country comparison.

We regularly have university representatives visit our offices along with their Faculty. Parents and students are welcome to come and meet the representatives and clarify their doubts. Should you be interested please send us an email to:

Foundation/ Pathways Programs

Foundation/ Pathway programs for undergraduate and pre master’s: in Business, Engineering and Medicine are available.

Intelligent Partners Qatar offers a range of services to students, schools, government departments and companies. We are the oldest and largest educational consultants in the Middle East. We have over 300 university partners around the world.

In brief some of our services are but not limited to:-

Country comparison: for students and parents to understand the different grade requirements each country needs, costs involved for each country, years of study needed to complete degrees, job availability and visa requirements

Course selection: selecting the right course, degree with what subjects you have studied in school. Many students are unsure or confused as they excel in and interested in a couple of different fields. We offer Psychometric tests to help understand the student’s innate personality to help in selecting the right career

Short listing of universities: Short listing universities to see you have some dream, achievable and safe universities needs time to evaluate each university against the student’s grades, subject studied etc.

Entrance tests & specific requirements: Our counselors will give you a time line and exams you need for each university /country.

Guidance on Deadlines, Applications & Statement of Purpose: Our college counselors will give tips on how to write your SOP’s, essays and common application short answers

Scholarships: We will guide you on which scholarships are available and if you are eligible. Our counselors also help Qatari scholarship students get admissions into the right colleges approved by the Qatar Education Board.

Accommodation booking: We will help book the accommodation for students depending on what they are looking for

Student Visa advice: Our visa experts will give you a list of documents needed for visas for each country and conduct mock interviews

Pre departure: we do a pre departure for students to understand the country’s culture they are going to study in, how universities will be teaching and grading them, what to carry amongst many other topics

Travel Bookings: Our counselors will guide you to the right travel agent to get the best deals on flights and more

Arrival assistance: Intelligent Partners will organize someone to meet you at your arrival and help settle you in your accommodation

English Language program

We send hundreds of students every year to various English Language Schools in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We offer homestays that have been vetted personally by us. We offer different start dates and different levels of studies at the schools.

Call us to meet our study abroad educational consultants today!


Walter Dias – Managing Director
Walter R. Dias is a partner of Unique Choice in Doha, Qatar. An Indian by origin and was born in Tanga, Tanzania. He holds a Portuguese nationality and has been living in the Middle East for the past 32 years. This unique combination of blended diversified cultures, along with traveling extensively throughout the world, has moulded him into a dynamic personality. He is the IATA coordinator for Qatar long distant educational program, and he is a charter member of Toastmasters International, a worldwide leadership and communication organization and a member of the Indian Business & Professional Network (IBPN) under the aegis of The Indian Embassy, Qatar.


Lovel Parinas – Counselor
Lovel holds her Bachelor degree in Computer Programming from Philippines. She has been part of the counseling team for 6 years. She is bubbly and pleasant person to talk with – no wonder students/parents feel comfortable with her when sharing their concerns about their foreign study abroad worries with her.


Dhanya Joice – Counselor
Dhanya commenced work with Intelligent Partners in March 2014. She holds Master degree in Computer Science and started her carrier as a teacher. She is passionate about working closely with students and their families throughout the transition from high school to higher education abroad.
She enjoys spending her spare time travelling with her family.


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Azar Asgorov (Azerbaijan – Plymouth University International College)
“Intelligent Partners had such a big part in helping me come here to Plymouth University. It was my first time proceeding further than just applying to a university, so I was not familiar with the procedures, visa requirements and which documents would I need. Intelligent Partners counselors held my hand and successfully finished the procedure. A big Thank you for that”.
Hadeel Abdulrahman Y A Ahmed (Qatari – Brighton University)
“The service that I’ve received from Intelligent Partners was satisfying and pleasing. They did a very good job on contacting the university and updating me about my acceptance and other general things. In fact, whenever I needed, the staff was always available, ready to answer all my questions. I.P. team are hard workers and take their job seriously”.
Newaimi Rashid N F Alhajri (Qatari – Lincoln University)
“Great agency that provided me with satisfactory result and fulfilment of my requested offer. Helpful staff that provide me with all the need help and I had wonderful experience”
Mohammed Omer Abdalla (Sudanese – Brighton University International College)
“Intelligent Partners had helped me a lot. I was clueless at first but the staff did a tremendous job and luckily I got accepted. And now I am happy student here in BUIC. Thank you for everything. I totally recommend my friends to Intelligent Partners”.
Fahad Mazhar (Indian – ICP Portsmouth)
I had applied into ICP (International College Portsmouth) and as this was my first time applying into an Overseas Educational Institute; I was nervous and confused about all the steps required in order for me to reach ICP, however this changed when I was introduced to my educational consultants in Qatar who helped and guided me through every step. They had the answer to every question that I had in my mind regarding my studies in ICP and my stay in the UK. They were available at any time whenever I felt the need to ask her a question regardless of what day of the week it was. Applying for a student visa in the UK can be tricky and you must have a good application in order to obtain a tier 4 student visa and again I didn’t have to worry about any of that because Intelligent Partners had filled out my application very professionally and had also given me a lot of tips about the interview that students have to give to obtain a visa. In conclusion, I would like to thank my foreign educational consultant and the company for helping me as it is helped me a lot to reach ICP and finally settle in the UK.
Sunita Mascarenhas
It’s been a real pleasure recommending Intelligent partners to many of our friends , The Information and guidance offered by Intelligent partners is really professional . Personally, having knew and dealt with the educational consultants at Intelligent Partners, I would say that they are friendly, easily approachable and professional. I have recommended many of my friends to them and one of the things that touches me is their personal touch, from their applications to their documentation and right up to their visas, they take an amazing interest in everything.
Everything with Intelligent Partners is really straightforward and trouble free. I would definitely recommend them to any student who needs help and advice regarding courses in UK, US, UAE, Australia.

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